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St. 4th Likhachevskiy pereulok, 13, office 1106

Wholesale-retail sales: +7 (495) 788-90-95 (weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00)
Accepting applications during the weekend: +8 (916) 956-89-42 (weekends from 10:00 to 20:00)
Collaboration, proposal to the PR Department and advertising: +7 (495) 788 90 95

Opening hours: 10.00 to 17.00 (Monday-Friday)
Lunch: from 12.00 to 13.00

Information for wholesale buyers: 1 March 2016 will be indexation of the prices for some items in our price list, please pay attention ( new price list please ask the managers)

Globes diameter

Ø 150/210Ø 1200:880
Ø 300Ø 200
Ø 640Ø 210
Ø 420Ø 250
Ø 320Ø 150
Ø 120Ø Лампа светодиодная энергосберегающая



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Dear buyers , our company is actively working on expanding the range last year, and we are pleased to present our new items:

is the globes with diameters of 200mm, 250mm and 300mm made according to European standards, not inferior to foreign competitor, but well-characterized lower price;

-as well as our Flagship project Globus with a diameter of 420 cm - WHICH has NO ANALOGUE IN Russia.

Dear customers!

Especially for You is the original system of discounts! If your order more than 5 PCs You can buy our products at wholesale prices!

Our company carries out delivery on the terms:
- order amount more than 15 thousand roubles delivery across Moscow within MKAD - free!

Selling globes wholesale and retail

Our Company "Globe world" exists on Russian market for more than 15 years, being the only and largest organization engaged in manufacturing and selling globes and other globe products in the European part of Russia. Our company boasts a priceless and limitless experience of making and selling both wholesale and retail over 40 types of plastic globes, Earth, Mars, the moon and the Starry sky. In our directory You will be able to choose and buy the globes for children, school and Board of different diameters: 120, 150, 210 and 320 mm.

In the company "Globe world" You can buy globe of any kind, whether it's school or nursery, table or outdoor, we offer the most attractive conditions of purchase. But the price of these products is not the only benefit of our organization is important the fact that during their production we use only high quality materials. The process of making globes is carried out under the strict quality control system. We are proud to be regularly updated and expanding range of globes that we provide both wholesale and retail, which allowed us to take a leading position on the Russian market.

School and children's globes, floor and table – whichever option You decide to buy, we guarantee that its production was carried out by modern technology, which is key:

  • Durability, reliability, ease of use and hygiene of the globes, the sale of which we provide;
  • High accuracy of the positioning of maps.

Our company is the only one in Russia that produces collapsible table and floor globes, which greatly reduces the risk of damage during transportation and reduces the amount of cargo.

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